How to Pin


Add the Pin It Button to your browser Toolbar. 



Login to your account on Go to the home page on On the Toolbar, click the Pin It Button.

Pinning 2 


You will be presented with a grid of images.  Mouseover the image you want to click.  A "Pin This" Button will appear on that image.  Click the image.

Pinning 3


After clicking the Pin This Button, you will see Create Pin. Here, you can select a board, write a PIN description, and click Pin It to add the PIN.

Pinning 4 


After hitting the Pin It button, you should see the Success! image.  The pin will be added to and will be available on   And, you will be presented with options to See your Pin, Tweet your Pin, or Share your Pin on Facebook.  Your Pin will also appear on your Board and in your list of PINs.

Pinning 5


Click See your Pin to see your new PIN added to

Pinning 6