Neighborhood Brand Services

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What should brands do on

  • Share information about your products/services with people on
  • Follow key influencers on
  • Set up boards (profile) on
  • Pin (Add) images and photos of products/services to your boards
  • Link images and photos of products/services to landing pages with detailed information about your products
  • Segment boards by product/service line
  • Connect boards to specific neighborhoods and categories
  • Share promotions and events that are happening at your neighborhood locations
  • Go to getting started on


Neighborhood Marketing

  • 80% of people shop within 5 miles of where they live.*
  • 97% of all US consumers use the internet to shop locally*
  • 89% of consumers making an in-store purchase have conducted online research prior to the purchase**
  • 83 percent of the people using local search sites follow up their research with offline action. This action includes in-store visits, phone calls, e-mails or purchases. (Source: TMP Directional Marketing/comScore) 
  • 81% of consumers get advice from friends and family relating to a product purchase through a social networking site***
  • 77% of online shoppers use reviews to make a purchase decision**
  • Majority of consumers (74%) rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions. (Gartner, July 2010)
  • 53% of people on Twitter recommend companies and/or products in their tweets* Harp Social
  • Almost 50% of shoppers have made a purchase based on recommendations through a social network***
  • 43% of all online consumers are either Fans or Followers* Exact Target

Sources: **Chain Store Age; ***TabJuice; * BIA Kelsey Group


What are people doing on

  • Expressing their interest with photos and images (identifying with specific brands)
  • Listing things they want to explore, share or buy (creating an online wishlist)
  • Recommending and sharing things they think other people should consider (online recommendations and reviews)
  • Learning about and exploring new brands (window shopping)
  • Searching for and discovering new brands (targeted searches and brand research)
  • Influencing offline buys with online information (recommending that their social network buy products at specific brand locations)
  • Linking to specific brands (referring people to specific brands)
  • Following members, boards and pins (researching and reviewing key brand influencers)