neighbUrhood is a Neighborhood Shopping Network

neighbUrhood is a place for people to shop, discover, share and buy things they love in the neighborhood for their family and home

Our Dream

Our hope is to connect people around the world by helping them discover and share the things they love in the neighborhood. We think that neighborhoods are full of exciting things to explore and experience. Neighborhoods have so many fun things for families, friends, and visitors to do together including parks, movie theaters, farmers markets, yoga classes, coffee shops, and great yogurt shops. neighbUrhood is connecting people globally that share interests one neighborhood at a time. 

Sherman Oaks

neighbUrhood lets you organize and share things you find on the web with people in the neighborhood.  People use neighbUrhood to find services to fix things around the house, get information about schools for their children, discover great restaurants to eat and socialize, shop for the latest style of clothes and new gadgets, and experience so much more around the neighborhood.

More importantly, you can browse and follow pinboards created by other people to discover hidden gems in the neighborhood. To get started, please sign up or login.

What can you do in the neighbUrhood?

Get tips from the neighborhood about decorating and improving your home!

People can use neighbUrhood to save decorating ideas for their new home.  Share ideas you like about furniture, baths, sinks, faucets, bedding, lighting and accessories.

 Sherman Oaks Home Decor

Discover things for your children in the neighborhood!

People can use neighbUrhood for the family. Mothers can find mommy and me classes, parks, indoor playrooms, schools, baby products, and clothes for their children.

 Sherman Oaks Schools

Share information about the latest fashion trends in the neighborhood!

People can use neighbUrhood to share fashion ideas. Pin shoes, dresses, bags, bracelets, jewelry and hats you find while browsing clothing stores in the neighborhood.

 Sherman Oaks Fashion

Explore new places to eat and hang out in the neighborhood!

Whether you live, work or visit a neighborhood, you can explore great restaurants with good food to eat while spending time with family, friends, and coworkers.

 Sherman Oaks Restaurants

Learn more about professional services in the neighborhood!

People can use neighbUrhood to find services around the neighborhood. Learn more about plumbers, insurance and other services that people use in the neighborhood.

Sherman Oaks Insurance